The institutional crisis of the Bogotá's local organization

Sergio René Cortés Rincón


The duty to be of the towns of Bogotá is challenged by the legal framework
that regulates and relegated position to the district government administrative,
showing them as territorial figures, that contribute little to the development of the city. The political, administrative and budgetary linking the capital with their localities do not contribute toensure efficiency in service delivery, which has undermined their role as instruments of decentralization in the city. We present a critical analysis of the current institutional landscape of the towns, identifying some elements that help explain his weak condition to meet legal duties incumbent upon them, noting the importance it deserves  as fiscal control mechanisms and management support,showing some international examples, that have been successful in the delegation of powers to various levels of government and as models of state organization to ensure the success of the public administration.


Decentralization; public finance institutions; public administration; fiscal control; government;Bogotá

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