Estudio Descriptivo del Síndrome de Burnout en Personal de Salud en el Hospital Militar De Bogotá

Patricia Hernández Zubieta


This study tries to identify the Burnout Syndrome characteristics in different professional groups that assist chronic patients at the Army Central  Hospital in Bogotá. The  sample was intentional of 32 subjects  between 25 and 60 years, both sex and with minimum educational  level of two years college. They answered the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), and the Assessment Scale of Resources of coping. The second had a reliability  coefficient of 0.78. The analyses of the data were descriptive.The results showed there were not relationship between socidemographic characteristics of the participants and the burnout factor. Most of the sample had a high risk of developing the burnout syndrome. Finally, men had better strategies of coping such as: problem solving, attribution of internal cause and internal and social support (that are considered protective factors in relationship with the developmental of burnout syndrome).

Palabras clave

Burnout Syndrome, protective factors, chronic patients

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Español 71-83

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