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Truda G., & Mangone E. (2020). COMMUNITY AND INTEGRATION. THE CASE STUDY OF THE “BARRIO PUENTE DE FIERRO” IN LA PLATA (ARGENTINA). Cultura Latinoamericana, 31(1), 66-81. Recuperado a partir de https://editorial.ucatolica.edu.co/index.php/RevClat/article/view/3500


The present research article analyze, with a qualitative methodology, the
case study of the Barrio Puente de Fierro in La Plata, Argentina, an emblematic example of the dynamics occurring in territories that attempt to
rebuild their socio-cultural fabric. Studying integration processes is not
easy nowadays, considering the multiple factors that influence these phenomena, but it is even more difficult to study them within contexts that
appear to be urban (because they have a high concentration of inhabitants
or are close to metropolitan cities) but which mostly maintain the dynamics and characteristics of rural areas or communities. The growing phenomenon of migration —even within the same State—brings out strongly
the need to reconnect the social fabric, paying particular attention to the
urban dimension of cities.


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