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Pizzoni , G. (2021). EL APOYO POLÍTICO-DIPLOMÁTICO Y ECONÓMICO DE ARGENTINA A ITALIA EN LA INMEDIATA POSGUERRA (1946-1947) CONTADO POR LA PRENSA ITALIANA. Cultura Latinoamericana, 34(2), 118-159. Recuperado a partir de https://editorial.ucatolica.edu.co/index.php/RevClat/article/view/4465


This article aims to piece together the economic and diplomatic relations
between Italy and Argentina during the Second post- World War through
the narration of the Italian press. The research considers the information of
some Italian newspapers and journals, selected for their ideological leaning:
the affiliated organizations of a party, the independent press, printed especially in the North of Italy, and the catholic one. Even if after World War II
Italy and Argentina had opposite economic, political, and social contests, they
developed some important contact points, not only for their own domestic
policies, but also for the international relations. The article analyzes how the
selected Italian press illustrates some common meeting points, particularly
for the biennium 1946-1947: the food supplies from the platense republic at
the impoverished and destroyed peninsula, the argentine support at the Paris
Peace Conference for a fair peace treaty for Italy and the diplomatic missions
organized from both two nations.


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