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Rojas Gómez , M. (2021). LOS APORTES DE FRANCISCO DE MIRANDA A LA IDENTIDAD INTEGRACIONISTA DE NUESTRAS AMÉRICAS. Cultura Latinoamericana, 34(2), 256-283. Recuperado a partir de https://editorial.ucatolica.edu.co/index.php/RevClat/article/view/4470


This research highlights the importance of Francisco de Miranda as an authentic
thinker, creator of a set of conceptual names of a cultural nature and integrationist
identity such as Colombia, Our Americas, Hispanic America and South America,
some of which already exist as Our America or South America, but with Miranda
would reach a new semantic and pragmatic function of the supranational integrationist identity emancipation, previously not conceived, with transcendence and
theoretical historical validity until today. Likewise, based on the documentary foundation of Mirandina roots, it is discussed with those researchers who disqualify the
Hispano-American construct of Miranda, emphasizing that the Hispano-American
concept has a positive connotation, identity in the difference with the Spanish, and
in this sense was assumed by those who advocated it during the 19th and 20th centuries in Latin America, and also by certain Spaniards, without denying that there
were Hispanic peninsular who interpreted it from the identity of the same.


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